A vibrationally attuned destination for the highly sensitive path deviating spiritual soul. It is time to reclaim your wild feminine essence.

Hi, my name is Anjana, you may know me from my intuitive readings on tiktok @anjviyer. I am a wild feminine creatrix and highly sensitive healer. I have worked with countless souls on their individual journeys and I am here as a guide to you as well. Check out my 1 on 1 Energy Offerings at the top of the page. My hearts mission is to bring healing, unity and empowerment back to *Woman*, to help us remember and embody our true grounded power, as well as to share my healing expertise with the Indian diaspora, POC communities and world at large. Generetional trauma runs through lineages until someone is ready to heal it. If you've come across this, that person is you. All of my art pieces were created at different stages of my life, as a way for me to alchemically channel & heal the disharmony in my lineage. If anything speaks to you take it as a sign. My high vibrational mists were created with you and I in mind. For the souls that have repeatedly stepped in the shadowy depths of disharmony and strife, allow their magically infused essence to help you rise up and flow into an empowered version of yourself, to slowly heal your soul, open your heart and ground you into your life's mission.

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